Mobile Golf Cart Maintenance in Murrieta, CA

Prestige Golf Cars services all of Southern California

Our expert technicians will come directly to your home, business, or job site to solve any problem your unit(s) may have.

Our fleet of fully stocked service vehicles are ready to handle most repairs on-site.  We service all of Southern California and service all makes and models of carts. 

What Prestige Mobile Service can offer you:

  • Full service repair and maintenance
  • Accessory installations
  • Battery service/replacement
  • Tire service / replacement
  • Electronic diagnostic service
  • Servicing ALL of Southern California

(Available for Fleet or Individuals)

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Preventative Maintenance Services Includes:

PM Service: Electric Carts (Includes Operational Inspection)

  • Clean batteries
  • Inspect condition of cables. terminals. wiring, and charger cord
  • Inspect charger operation
  • Inspect/Fill battery water

PM Service: Gas Carts (Includes Operations Inspection)

  • Change engine oil
  • Replace air filter
  • Replace fuel filter(s)
  • Replace spark plug(s)

Operational Inspection: All Carts

  • Test drive
  • Steering linkage & tie rods
  • Solenoid operation
  • Accelerator linkages for smooth operation
  • Alignment
  • Fill and lubricate transaxle/adjust
  • Lights, directional signals
  • Wipers, mirrors, windshields, cab-brackets & seats for wear
  • Adjust brake shoes and pedal
  • Inspect & set tire pressure
  • Tire wear.
  • F&R selector for smooth operation & lubricate
  • Bolts and hardware for abnormal play or tightness
  • Front suspension, bearings, spindles, kingpins, rear suspension, and axle for damage, loose mounting hardware, leaking shocks. springs, cracks

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