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No matter what you’re carrying, Prestige Golf Cars has rugged and versatile utility golf carts to get the job done. Perfect for hauling heavy tools or moving a crew, a utility cart is always up for the task! Browse our utility golf carts online or in one of our dealerships located in Murrieta, CA and Las Vegas, NV. Read more

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UTV Buying Guide

Utility task/terrain vehicles or UTVs have only become more popular since their advent during the latter part of the 20th century. These workhorses are perfect for getting a huge variety of tasks done in many different industries, and they’re also great for going on recreational off-road rides. As far as powersports vehicles go, it’s hard to beat the versatility of a UTV. Prestige Golf Cars, with locations in Murrieta, CA and Las Vegas, NV, is your California and Nevada UTV dealer. Read on to learn more about UTVs and how you can use them.


We’ll start by outlining exactly what a UTV is. UTVs are a type of powersports vehicle that are about a third of the size of a typical passenger car, but are operated similarly with gas and brake pedals and a steering wheel. Like your car or truck, UTVs also come with seatbelts for safety. However, much of a UTV is open to the air without much of an enclosure beyond half-doors, a windshield and a canopy top in some models. UTVs feature bench- or bucket-style seating in rows of two, allowing for anywhere from one to six riders at a time. There is also storage space between the seat rows and at the rear of the vehicle for all manner of cargo, such as tools and supplies. UTVs have rugged tires designed to handle off-road conditions and powerful engines as well as a high ground clearance to allow them to move easily over obstacles.


Most people opt to use their UTVs for work purposes. UTVs are excellent for transporting a crew of workers and their tools across a treacherous worksite, so many construction sites use them, as do forestry and mining workers. They are also helpful on a number of different campuses for transporting people around. Some people also use their UTVs for play because they’re perfect for going on recreational rides through muddy areas or on nature trails. You can pack up the whole family and go on a fun weekend adventure with ease! You can even use your UTV for camping or hunting if you so desire. Visit one of our dealership locations in Murrieta, CA or Las Vegas, NV to browse our vast inventory of new and used UTVs for sale. We also offer financing options if you’d like to use them to fund your purchase. Prestige Golf Cars proudly serves the Southern California area and Nevada.
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